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Welcome to ISCT GROUP US LLC (ISCT™) (International Specialty Chemicals & Technology).  Members of ISCT™ have been involved and engaged by energy clients in the Americas and globally developing trace level mercury and volatile metals measurements programs and technologies to support total asset management and determine risk to process, personnel and the environment. ISCT™ is not just a measurements and technology company but a total asset solutions engineering company comprised of members, considered leaders, in the field of analytical chemistry, offshore and well services engineering, industrial chemistry and hydrocarbon processing plant chemical decontamination for process risk reduction, reuse of high value equipment or in preparation for decommissioning.

Since 2005 key members have worked with renowned SMEs and industrial chemists to develop technologies, metals removal chemistries effective in hydrocarbon environments, specialized application methods (i.e., FPSOs, FGSOs, FSOs subsea pipelines and slug catchers) and precise mercury inert multiple train explosion proof online measurements instruments.  ISCT™ is a leading specialty chemical solutions and process stream measurements technology company operating in the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Africa providing comprehensive mercury management and total asset management systems and services to the hydrocarbon processing industry [Exploration and Production, Midstream (NGL Plants), downstream processing (Refineries and Petrochemical Plants) and LNG Plants].