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ISCT supplies technically differentiated and predominantly sustainable materials, enabling customers in a wide range of industrial markets to achieve higher performance and higher levels of sustainability. Our industrial chemistries include a range of formulations spanning many industries from water treatment to chemical decontamination of hydrocarbon process plants and specialty chemistries for groundwater and soils remediation (i.e., in-situ chemical oxidation and bio-catalyst for enhanced bio-remediation).


Many in the hydrocarbon processing industry are now aware of the impact of mercury in produced hydrocarbons. This is an emerging reality from production from unconventional resource plays, but also for assets processing conventional production as they near the end of their economic life. Produced mercury contaminates multiple hydrocarbon processing systems (i.e., upstream production, midstream gathering and fractionation and downstream processing plants) for which the dismantling, removal, and disposal presents unique challenges and risks to decommissioning personnel and to ecosystems. ISCT and members of ISCT have authored 125 and 6 patents respectively and although ISCT typically operates under 18 U.S.C. § 1839(3)(A)(B)(1996): Trade Secrets which are a vital but invisible component of ISCT IP we are considering several patent applications in 2018.

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