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»Chemical Properties

Elemental mercury is liquid at ambient temperatures with a melting point of -38.8℃ and a boiling point of 357℃ and saturation vapor pressure concentration 20 mg/m3 25℃. Its solubility (HgO) in certain fluid hydrocarbons is ~2 ppm at 25℃. The density (13.5 g/cm3), the low saturation vapor pressure and high surface tension account for the complex physio-chemical properties of elemental mercury as a solid, liquid and gas. So the partitioning of mercury species into product and effluent streams in hydrocarbon production is largely determined by solubility and vapor pressures of mercury species. Understanding the distribution, speciation and depth of penetration in hydrocarbon production systems is a critical component of developing a successful decontamination plan (including but not limited to chemical selection acid or base or sequential chemistries, temperatures and contact times).

Key members of the ISCT™ chemical decontamination team have successfully completed > 1,000 chemical decontamination projects ranging from PCBs, various hydrocarbons and toxic metals including mercury and arsenic with no injuries. Our team has completed decontamination projects both offshore and onshore at various hydrocarbon production facilities (platforms, pipelines, midstream plants, refineries and petro-chemical plants).

ISCT™ and our partners retain and have access to some of the best chemical cleaners in the world – this sets us apart from the many that advertise the service and those that can truly perform the service safely and successfully using performance based chemical measurements combined with other non-destructive and destructive field/laboratory verification testing.

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