ISCT is interested in the research and development of solutions to serve current and emerging environmental and industrial process problems within many industries and consults with companies worldwide on matters related to mercury chemical decontamination from process, waste-water treatment, spent decontamination chemistry processing, chemical oxidation and the development of special formulations for chemical decontamination of various contaminated hydrocarbon process systems (riser and production platforms, FPSOs FGSOs FSOs, topside processing, subsea pipelines and onshore processing plants).  ISCT and partners formulate chemical surfactants, emulsifiers, demulsifiers, oxidizers, defoamers, stabilizers, chelating agents, corrosion inhibitors and specialty products to the petroleum and petrochemical sectors globally.

»Commitment to Integrity

ISCT chemists and technologists are committed to meeting your expectations and work with global energy companies performing cutting-edge research and development to solve complex problems with chemical and process solutions.  Our commitment to integrity drives us to be efficient, thorough and responsive. This is an integral part of how we conduct business.