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ISCT has a special understanding of mercury in hydrocarbon process systems and key members started chemical testing of formulations for an energy company with assets in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the US in 2005 and have continued development such that our hydrocarbon and mercury removal formulas (acid and alkaline based) products are state of the art.

ISCT key members have completed >10 research and development projects for energy companies including mercury in steel mass loading, distribution and chemical reduction studies, chemical application and performance verification studies (i.e., vapor phase, chemical circulation and chemical/mechanical removal methods) mercury vapor analyzer instrument comparison studies and most recently an instrument and method comparison study in 2016.

Team members have also researched and developed vapor suppression chemistry for soils remediation to prevent fugitive emissions during excavation using mechanical excavators and prior to reagent stabilization of soils/media (e.g., soil remediation at mercury sites for pipeline transmission companies and remediation of Chlor-Alkali Plants.

Other focus areas either in development or in full scale use include an improved gel chemistry for subsea pipeline mercury decontamination (surface reactive agent sequential chemical pig trains), with chemical additives to increase contact reaction times on vertical surfaces (also useful for FGSO and FPSO cargo holds).

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ISCT is the leader in specialty chemical formulations for the hydrocarbon processing industry.