What We Do


ISCT was started and funded by Mr. Radford and US partners near Sydney Australia on the Central Coast in 2014 providing chemical formulation, processing consulting and environmental consulting to support the energy sector and mercury chemical decontamination projects in Western Australia and along the Northwest Shelf. Now headquartered in Houston, Texas and comprised of several key partner companies ISCT focuses on mercury process stream sampling and analysis and chemical decontamination of contaminated process equipment in preparation for decommissioning and reuse. ISCT senior members and consultants have been pioneers in advancing mercury measurements technologies and developing chemical formulas effective for removal of mercury from hydrocarbon process systems and metal (carbon and stainless steel) (inclusive of phyrophorics, Fe oxides, hydrogen sulfide and metals – Hg/As/Se). Key members of ISCT have managed and performed mercury measurements, research and development and chemical services globally since 2005.

Our vision is to be the best mercury chemical decontamination and technology group led by the most technically competent entrepreneurs. Our goal is to continue to build trust and strong relationships with our global energy partners and provide lasting value for our clients and stakeholders. And in doing that we have invested considerable effort in developing the performance based chemical decontamination and decommissioning technologies of the future today.

ISCT alliance partner technical experts are also responsible for mercury management and chemical decontamination programmes globally and collaborate on projects from the Americas to Africa.